John F. Groom

John F. Groom

Language: English

John has been involved in digital technology since 1996 with the launch of the Positive Press website, which garnered wide publicity.

In 1998 he became the 4th full time employee of AnnuityNet, the first company in the world to sell variable annuities online.


John has 5 software patents:
  • System and Method for Searching, Organizing, Exploring and Relating Online Content – issued in 2018
  • Alternate Search Methodology – issued in 2021
  • Multi-dimensional interaction with data stores related to tangible property – issued in 2022
  • John Groom, Prudhvi Nag, and Bryan Matott filed a patent for the Everything Tag – Digital Tags to Facilitate Production, Collaboration, Transparency, Privacy, Authentication, History, Synchronization, Ownership, and Regulatory Compliance During the Creation and Use of a Product – issued in 2023
  • Dynamically Generated Object-Responsive Interactive Action Display, filed February 27th 2023,status pending


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